The Canal Path

trappbygge_1The location of our East Asia part of the arboretum is situated between the steep slopes of the key habitat and the edge of the river which sometimes overflows with water. Therefore the room for expanding this part is much smaller than other places in the arboretum. East Asia has a rich variety of species and we have a lot of exciting specimens in our nursery, waiting to grow sturdy enough to be planted in the arboretum. During the last two years we have cleared a previously unused part right next to the canal which was used with the old power station that was located a bit upstream.trappbygge_2

During this time we have called this place “New Asia” but now that the work has progressed a bit longer and the addition of a prepared path we have decided to name this place “The Canal Path”, since it runs along the old stonewalls right next to the canal. The cleared area is in a very attractive spot, however there is not much trees or bushes planted here yet. One contributing factor for this is that the ground is very rocky and hard to work with, this means that planting new species will require more ground preparation and soil addition compared to probably any other place in the arboretum. Still this will not discourage us from making this place another prominent sight in our arboretum.