Japanese Garden

The Japanese garden is a kind of rock garden with lots of Japanese species planted. A pond with a wooden bridge and an artificial stream where the water splashes over the more than 100 year old stone wall which is a remnant from the time of the old power station, is the heart of the installation.

japanska tradgarden

Within a few years we hope to show our visitors a slope filled with flowering Sargent’s cherry Prunus sargentii and other beautiful trees and bushes. On each side of the entrance after you have passed through our wooden gate, we have planted both species from the Katsura genus. Cercidiphyllum japonicum on your left and C. magnificum to your right.

Japanska Trädgården

Shirasawa’s Maple (Acer shirasawanum)

We started to work on this part of the arboretum in 2012. Before then it was mostly the artwork 8’11 by Fredrik Wretman that attracted visitors to the old turbine hall that was part of the power station which was in use between 1917-1958. Nowadays there is a lot more life in the area. Trees and bushes from Japan, running streams, a quiet pond with its wooden bridge, mossy rocks and a magnificent view over the Baggböle rapids creates a relaxing atmosphere and a place where you can unwind. We have taken inspiration from Japanese gardens when it comes to the design but also when choosing which species to plant here.

The Japanese garden differs in some aspects from the other part of the arboretum. Besides trees and bushes you can also find some perennial plants which are of course also of Japanese origin. They contribute in their own way to the atmosphere and beauty of this area. We really recommend a visit to garden in autumn, right when the katsura Cercidiphyllum japonicum leaves are starting to turn yellow. As the amount of pigments changes in the leaves they give off a sweet smell reminiscent of cotton candy or cinnamon.