Welcome to Arboretum Norr

The word arboretum comes from the latin word for tree: arbor. It is in short a botanical garden containing living collections of woody plants such as trees, bushes and vines.

In the mid 70s the idea to construct the worlds most northern arboretum was born. Ten years later the organisation Stiftelsen Arboretum Norr was founded through a collaboration between between Umeå University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Umeå Municipality. The organisation now manages three arboreta in northern Sweden.

Our main arboretum is situated 10 km outside of Umeå city in the small village Baggböle. The 16 ha large area is situated right next to the Ume River in a southern slope. There are over 3000 planted trees, bushes and vines growing here divided over nearly 400 taxa (species, subspecies, cultivars etc).

The Campus Arboretum is also located in Umeå, more specifically at the campus area around the building of Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and is managed in collaboration with Skogshögskolans student union. The Arboretum in Gällivare was initially located at Malmberget to test species in a even more northern climate then Umeå. However due to the ore mining taking place there, the ground has become unstable so the arboretum has recently been moved closer to Gällivare city centre.

To support or to read more about our non-profit organisation check under Collaboration. You can also read about our history and the work that are being done here today. Furthermore there is detailed information about our three arboreta and the respective plants that grows there which can be useful when planning your visits.

Listen to manager Johnny Schimmel talk about the Arboretum in Baggböle (In Swedish)