Kvarnängen (Cultivar section)



When you enter the arboretum through the mansion entrance you can hear the sound of the river and greets by a beautiful view over the river landscape of Umeå river valley. This part of the arboretum is called Kvarnängen (“the mill meadow”) and it is rather different from the other Arboretum parts. The name refers to the old mills that once were placed here (if you’re interested in more information of the sight you can read more under the tab (history)


rodbjork_minThe main difference between this and the other sections is the existence of cultivated plants. In the other parts, named after its geographical region, we do not plant cultivated plants. Most of the existing species in the geographical ”continents” are gathered during travels and brought up from seeds. The thought with the ”continents” that the visitor will see trees exactly like it would be at their normal growth range. Kvarnängen contains a mixture of species from all the continents but with a cultivated and individual difference from the ”originally” plants. You can say that the continents’ of the arboretum would like to show the diversity among species when the kvarnängen section would like to show the diversity within the species. An example of this is the large amount of leaf colors, shape of the leafs and formation in the tree crown that can generate from mutation and then multiply vegetative and when in store market with its `cultivar´ name.

Kvarnängen is also thought as a display for the Arboretum and many of the trees and bushes are placed simply by esthetic purpose. You can find many trees with beautiful blooming as for example the Asian apples in the apple grove. A further difference, between this part and others of the arboretum, is the care. We try to manage this part as a traditional park by mowing the grass and clearing out unwanted weeds.