Origin of our trees

Most of our trees and bushes are gathered in the wild around the globe. This map shows where a few of our trees has/had their mother plant. Our most northern tree is gathered east of Kiruna in the north of Sweden, on the road between Vittangi and Svappavaara. This tree is a scots pine (Pinus sylvestris ‘Ryyppö-Talli’) and has a very special morphology with a rounded crown at its top. The Swedish name suptall comes from a time when the tree was used as a landmark and it was custom to stop during your travels and have a drink under the tree (sup=drink, tall=pine). The most southern tree however is a dragon spruce (Picea asperata), collected in East China, more specifially on a mountain west of Shanghai. It is still growing in our plant nusery waiting to get sturdy enough for planting in the arboretum.