Support us

The foundation Arboretum Norr is a non-profit organisation and thereby we don’t have any means to make an income, because of this we rely solely on contributions and support for different projects. Umeå municipality is our biggest contributor but we are also very grateful to some of the other municipality’s in Norrland, some company’s and organisations that are active in the region and last but not least the private individuals who give us yearly support. We owe you all a big thank you, without your support Arboretum Norr would not even exist!

Arboretum Norrs swish-kontoEven with all this support our resources are stretched thin. If you want to support us financially we will gladly accept any contributions to our bank account (bankgiro) 5167 – 1451 or for people in Sweden via swish 123 132 37 73

Our Partners are company’s and organisation who gives us financial support with optional amounts. To get your name carved on a decorative wooden sign in the arboretum in Baggböle we have choosen to have a minimum limit of at least 7500 SEK yearly. Other forms can be discussed, contact the manager Johnny Schimmel for more information.

If you can’t attribute with money for various reasons you can do some practical work for us. Twice a year we have workday for the public event in collaboration with Friends of Arboretum Norr (In Swedish). These days are a perfect opportunity to come and help out as a volunteer. The workdays are held both in the spring and also during autumn, for exaxt dates have a look at our calendar.